About Me

vacaville family & senior portrait film photographer

Hola, I’m Oscar Campos a Vacaville Family & Senior Portrait Film Photographer. I was born to Mexican immigrant parents who have worked their fingers to the bone so that we would have a better life than they did.

Photography is my passion that was passed down by my grandparents. They both loved to photograph our family, family events, and vacations. Unfortunately they both have passed away and are now in Heaven, but they have left us with their photographs of our past and everlasting memories of them that we cherish. Photography is about a moment, a one hundredth of a second in time infused with the memories and emotions. A photograph does not have to be technically perfect to be great, a great photograph makes a lasting connection with you and evokes the feelings captured. This is what I aspire to do with my photography.

Vacaville Family & Senior Portrait Film Photographer

  • So why Family Photos?

    There’s nothing I treasure more in this world than my familia, so I want to help you capture those loving moments with your family so that you can keep them with you always!

  • Why Senior Portraits?

    After graduating highschool I contemplated becoming a Math Teach because I enjoyed teaching and I loved hearing kids dreams and aspirations. High School Seniors are the epitome of that. They are our new young adults that are hoping to leave their mark in our small world.

  • Why film? Wait what, film, really?

    Yeah, see I’m kinda old school like that. I shot film in high school for yearbook and loved the entire process of it. I have been a digital photographer for a while, but often found myself trying to edit my photographs to look like film. This past year I decided to get back into film and I don’t regret it one bit. There’s something beautiful about film’s color palette. It really is something that cannot be quantified with tests, but trust me, it really is special.

    Here are some examples of photoshoots done with film and adding more soon, Senior Portraits in Downtown Sacramento (first 3 photographs), Vintage Styled Shoot, Back to School, Back to School Senior Fashion, High School Senior Fashion.

Things I love

God, my wife & kids (see photo above), film Photography, freshly ground cofffee for cold brew, meeting new people, and San Francisco Giants